5 Tips For Writing Self-Destructing Notes Guaranteed To Keep Your Secrets Safe

Have you ever found yourself writing a note to yourself with the intention of destroying it? Well, you’re in good company. People write self-destructing notes all the time. These notes are usually short and sweet; for example, “Makes your day,” “Call Mom,” or “Eating fudge makes me happy. Buy more fudge.” That’s all well and good. But what if you want to write a self-destructing note for something more important, like sharing your deepest and darkest secrets? Well, then you need some tips for writing self-destructing notes guaranteed to keep your secrets safe.

Secret 1: Use the right type of paper

When it comes to writing self-destructing notes, nothing is more important than the paper you use. You have to make sure that the paper you use is designed to break into tiny pieces and become useless. You also have to make sure that the paper is so tough that if you were to pour strong acid on it, it would dissolve.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that no one ever finds your secrets by accident. Don’t use regular paper; say a piece of instant-messaging paper or a napkin. These are absolutely not self-destructing notes. Use note cards, not index cards. Don’t use notebook paper. Don’t use scratch paper from the printer; it might not dissolve, and you can’t guarantee that no one will see your secrets.

Secret 2: Don’t write your secrets in permanent ink

Using a pen or pencil that writes in permanent ink is a big no-no if you’re writing self-destructing привнот notes. Why? Well, it’s simply a matter of science. First off, all permanent inks are made to be permanent. This means that they are made to last and last. If you use a permanent ink pen or pencil on your self-destructing notes, you don’t have to worry about the paper breaking down — your writing will last forever!

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Secret 3: Use a special kind of pen or pencil with disappearing ink

The antidote to using a permanent ink pen or pencil is writing with disappearing ink. Disappearing ink makes your writing disappear, but it’s not really gone. It’s just invisible and only disappears when you place the paper in a special solution. The solution will dissolve the paper in an instant, and whatever was written on it will be lost forever.

Secret 4: Use a special pen or pencil with disappearing ink

If you’re using disappearing ink in order to write self-destructing notes, it’s important that you use a special pen or pencil when writing them. It should also have tips that are small and thin so that they can easily write on tiny pieces of paper.

Secret 5: Make sure the paper isn’t discoverable

If you’re using self-destructing notes, it’s crucial that you make sure you put some kind of marker on them so that no one can see what’s written on them. Even if people don’t see your secrets, they’ll still know that something is written on the note.

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