Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Mattress For Children


The mattress is made for sleeping purposes only. Each mattress is designed according to the bed size. The mattress comprises straw, cotton, foam, feathers, or spring stuffed inside a soft cloth cover. The mattress was first introduced to the world in 1899. This article will discuss what you should know before choosing a mattress for children available in Singapore. A mattress should be of good quality, which might not cause allergies, sleepless nights, and back pain in your children.

How to choose a good mattress for your children-

mattress for children

  1. Check for firmness- a crucial thing to notice while choosing a mattress for your child, depending on their age. If the child is over two years old, buying a firm and soft mattress is recommended. Choose a mattress thinking of the alignment of the spine. Best to choose a medium-firm mattress for a child above two years of age.
  2. Choose the right size- choose a mattress double the size of your kid as they are in a growing phase, so to use the mattress for a more extended period as they are pretty expensive, you should think carefully about keeping your child’s height and weight growing for the next period.
  3. Choose a quality foam mattress- choose a memory foam mattress for your child as this mattress can be allergens free which the spread of dust mites might cause, and make your child show symptoms of continuous sneezing, rashes, herpes, etc., making their night sleep uncomfortable.
  4. See the certificates- check whether the mattress you buy is government certified or not. Regarding the quality of the foam or the spring and whether it is allergens-free and waterproof, check for these certificates might be attached to the mattress, or if not, ask for the booklet of mattress from the shop where it might be provided as you are choosing it for your child should be of the best quality.
  5. Look for the budget- the cost of good quality, the branded mattress is pretty high, so check for the mattress that meets up the demands you want your child to sleep into and also the price as you don’t want to risk your monthly or weekly food intake for a washable mattress in the online secondary market which is of high quality which will automatically meet up your budget.


To conclude, choosing a good mattress for your child is tricky as time passes and their price increases. If you still can’t choose from the suggestions, choose the smaller version of the mattress you are using to sleep.

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