Buying whisky online – A knowhow

Whiskey collects all the temperamental characteristics of this country, even if the first to distil whiskey were the Irish. Irish whiskey is made from unmalted peated barley. These products of nature are fermented to obtain alcohol from them, which is then subsequently distilled, separated by heat from most of the water and other toxic substances. Check out more details about whisky delivery los angeles. Each geographical area around the world has developed a distillation based on the raw materials that Mother Nature offered. In fact, in northern Europe the favorable climate for growing hops and cereals meant that these products were more privileged than others.

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We have 4 different origins from Irish whiskey or Irish Whiskey; from Scotland it takes its name Scotch Whiskey , from the United States Bourbon Whiskey , from Canada Canadian Whiskey . Japan has also recently had its excellent whiskey thanks to its climate and natural waters. American bourbon whiskey contains higher amounts of aromatic compounds. The aroma and taste of the various whiskeys also comes from the raw materials used, aged for at least 3 years in wooden barrels with a capacity of 700L or less.

In addition to the volatile components, they contain compounds deriving from aging in wood, from the degradation of lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses, from the extractable fraction consisting of volatile and non-volatile acids, sugars, tannins, pigments and inorganic compounds.

Whiskey also has a temperament like people; a strong and angular character like the cliffs, strong like the Scottish people of hard workers, with an aftertaste of peat that envelops a feeling of mystery and heroism.

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